American Energy Fields, Inc. Appoints Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Karen Wenrich To The Advisory Board #uranium $AEFI

American Energy Fields, Inc. Appoints Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Karen Wenrich To The Advisory Board

May 18, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona; American Energy Fields, Inc. (OTCBB: AEFI; the “Company”), is pleased to announce it has appointed Dr. Karen Wenrich to the Advisory Board to oversee the development of its Arizona uranium exploration projects.

One of the most well respected uranium geologists in the United States, Dr. Wenrich brings to American Energy Fields an unparalleled 40 years of expertise in uranium exploration in Arizona and the Southwest U.S. The highlight of her career came in 2005 when she was the recipient of a shared Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). While with the IAEA she formulated, prepared, and implemented IAEA activities in the area of “uranium production cycle and the environment” for the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium resources, supply and demand, resource evaluation, and technical, environmental, regulatory, safety, and economic aspects of uranium exploration, development, and mine closure.

Dr. Wenrich has authored over 145 publications focused on uranium, geology, and environmental matters including receiving an honorable mention for the Best Paper Award for her essay entitled, “Uranium in Arizona” published in the Arizona Geological Society Digest. Since 1997, she has worked as a consultant in the uranium industry offering her expertise in prospect generation, 43-101 preparation, electron micro-probing, reflected and transmitted light petrography, and X-ray diffraction analyses. During this time, she consulted for Newmont Exploration, Ivanhoe Myanmar, Monarch Resources, and many others.

Dr, Wenrich also spent 23 years working as a research geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey where she studied uranium based ore deposits in Arizona, the Great Basin, New Mexico, Colorado, Mexico, China, and Australia.

President Joshua Bleak said of the appointment, “Adding Dr. Wenrich to the Advisory Board is another step in establishing American Energy Fields as a top exploration and development company focused on the uranium sector. Dr. Wenrich has a wealth of experience including winning a Nobel Peace Prize for her work on atomic energy. She has had numerous articles published in the field of uranium and is an absolute authority when it comes to uranium exploration in the Southwest U.S. We are truly honored to have her join our team as she builds upon the credibility we are establishing as a young company.”

About American Energy Fields, Inc.

American Energy Fields (AEFI) is a resource company focused on exploring and developing the alternative energy resources of the United States. American Energy Fields’ corporate strength lies in its management’s experience in the finance and natural resource sectors. AEFI has one of the most prolific mining databases for energy related projects within the United States. With this database, AEFI will continue to target and acquire projects with previous production and/or exploration and work towards fully developing those projects to drive revenues and build core reserves.

For further information please contact:

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3266 W Galveston Dr. Suite 107
Apache Junction, AZ 85220

Investor Relations
Office: 949-481-5396


About American Energy Fields

"These high value uranium targets are the initial focus of our plan of development and growth. We have an incredible opportunity to locate
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